San Antonio, TX - In a recent and exclusive opportunity, NTI had the privilege of touring the renowned Military Metal Art, a business that stands as a testament to the skill, dedication, and patriotism of its founders and artisans. What struck us immediately was the seamless synergy between NTI and Military Metal Art, both establishments founded and operated by veterans who share a profound commitment to supporting their fellow servicemen and women. This shared foundation not only fosters a sense of camaraderie but also propels both companies to new heights of success.

Military Metal Art's commitment to producing exceptional, handcrafted pieces that honor the valor and sacrifice of military personnel is nothing short of commendable. The craftsmanship displayed in their unique creations mirrors the precision and attention to detail that defines NTI's own approach to business. Walking through the workshops and witnessing the meticulous process of transforming raw metal into powerful, symbolic artworks was an inspiring experience. The dedication of the Military Metal Art team, many of whom are veterans themselves, shines through in every piece, echoing the core values that NTI also holds dear.

The tour was an exclusive insight into the heart and soul of Military Metal Art, an opportunity that NTI recognizes as a privilege. Being invited into the inner workings of a business that shares not only a common ethos but also a deep commitment to supporting veterans was truly an honor. As two veteran-owned companies, the parallels are undeniable, and the camaraderie between NTI and Military Metal Art is a testament to the strength that comes from a shared sense of duty. We salute Military Metal Art for their business success, their unwavering support for veterans, and the craftsmanship that brings to life the stories of heroism and sacrifice. This experience has not only deepened our appreciation for their work but has also reinforced the kinship that binds businesses with a shared commitment to serving those who have served our nation.