San Antonio, TX. Namauu Technological & Industrial (NTI) has been awarded an undisclosed amount, software factory environment management contract by the United States Air Force. NTI will be providing a turn-key hybrid software development environment services solution which includes all infrastructure, security and support personnel, equipment, supplies, software tools, design, and management services to manage and deliver an end-to-end software development environment solution for the Air Force’s newly activated spectrum warfare unit “Wavelength”. NTI was selected for this effort for its unique Cyberspace Service Management℠ (CYSM) capabilities and deep integration within the Air Force’s Cyber forces particularly in its home city of San Antonio, TX. The site of Wavelength’s new facility will be in the historic San Antonio News Express building, freshly named “The Light” building at 420 Broadway in the center of San Antonio’s newly forming tech and startup district.

With its goal to become the first digital-native wing in the U.S. Air Force based on 21st-century processes, practices, and technologies to support 21st-century Airmen, Wavelength’s higher headquarters 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing (SWW) was activated in June of 2021. Soon thereafter, the wing tasked the 453d Electronic Warfare Squadron (EWS) to stand up an Electronic Warfare (EW) digital services component called Wavelength (850 Spectrum Warfare Group Det 1) whose DevSecOps mission will be a critical component to combating the nation’s next generation threats.

“Today’s strategic environment demands that we deliver game-changing Electro Magnetic Spectrum (EMS) superiority capabilities at a speed and a tempo that are not just relevant to the warfighter but are deliberately hostile to our competitors and Wavelength will play a key role in this.” Col. John Paul Mintz, 850th Spectrum Warfare Group Commander

Although NTI has filled most of the support positions for this effort, individuals interested in being part of this one of a kind project should check for available positions here: 

Wavelength is also recruiting ACTIVE-DUTY Air Force enlisted and officers for this unique once in a career special duty. Interested Airman should contact Troy Mobley ( for more details.