The ClearanceJobs 2024 Security Clearance Compensation Report unveils a notable surge in salaries for cleared professionals, emphasizing the sector's growth and resilience. This year's findings indicate a breakthrough, with salaries climbing to an average of $114,946, driven by a heightened demand for tech talent and higher-level security clearances.

The report also notes a significant shift towards remote work, with more than half of employers now offering flexible working options. Amidst these changes, the cleared sector remains a stable and lucrative field, promising continued opportunities for those with the requisite clearances and skills.

We've gleaned the top 10 key takeaways:

  1. Surging Salaries: The report showcases a significant salary surge for cleared professionals, with an average increase reaching $114,946, highlighting a breakthrough year.
  2. Clearance Matters: Transitioning from Secret to Top Secret/SCI clearance can lead to a notable $30,000 increase in compensation, underscoring the value of higher clearance levels.
  3. Tech Talent in Demand: The demand for cleared tech talent significantly outpaces supply, emphasizing the sector's competitiveness and the critical need for specialized skills.
  4. Growing Remote Work Options: With 57% of employers now offering remote or hybrid work options, the report illustrates a shift towards more flexible working conditions in the cleared sector.
  5. Veterans' Pay Gap: Highlighting unique challenges, veterans reported an $8,000 pay gap compared to non-veterans, underlining the importance of tailored support and opportunities for this group.
  6. The Power of Education and Certifications: Advanced degrees and certifications significantly boost earning potential, showcasing the cleared sector's emphasis on specialized knowledge and skills.
  7. Stable Job Satisfaction: Despite the evolving job market, job satisfaction remains stable, yet salary satisfaction showed slight improvement, reflecting the nuanced expectations of cleared professionals.
  8. Generational Compensation Changes: The report shows dynamic compensation changes, particularly for Gen Z, who saw the biggest percentage increase for the second consecutive year.
  9. Contractor vs. Employee Compensation: Government contractors enjoy a higher average compensation than government employees, highlighting the diverse compensation structures within the sector.
  10. Resilient Sector: Despite economic uncertainties, the cleared sector remains resilient, offering lucrative opportunities and underlining the enduring significance of national security roles.

Want to view the whole report? Download it here: 2024 Clearance Job Report