NTI is thrilled to announce our achievement of the HIRE Vets Platinum Award, a prestigious honor from the U.S. Department of Labor. This award is especially significant to us as a veteran-owned and operated company, symbolizing our commitment to the veteran community and their successful integration into the civilian workforce.

Our mission has always been to create a workplace that values the unique skills and experiences veterans bring. Our founders, veterans themselves, aimed to ease the transition for others like them, recognizing their potential to enhance our company culture and service delivery.

The HIRE Vets Platinum Award is the highest recognition for employers dedicated to veteran employment, assessing criteria such as hiring practices, retention, support resources, and career development programs. For NTI, this accolade validates our efforts in providing a supportive environment where veterans can thrive, utilizing their skills and experiences.

This recognition not only highlights the importance of supporting veterans but also the benefits they bring to the workforce, including leadership, discipline, and teamwork. It challenges other organizations to follow suit, showcasing the positive impact of a veteran-inclusive workplace.

As we celebrate this milestone, NTI remains committed to our mission of supporting veterans. We see this award as both an honor and a responsibility—to continue advocating for veteran employment and to serve as an example of the value veterans add to any organization.

We dedicate this award to our veteran employees, partners, and the broader veteran community. Your service and dedication inspire us daily, and together, we aim to create more opportunities for veterans transitioning to civilian life. Join us in celebrating this achievement and our ongoing commitment to the veteran community.